Emergency Response Design Group
      when the only option is to get it right the first time.
Emergency Response Design Group (ERDG) provides comprehensive consulting and scalable solutions for the homeland security challenges facing the world of today and tomorrow, Our principals are industry experts and, in concert with key advisors and strategic partners, have a breadth of experience.

ERDG is involved with resilience, information (and intelligence) sharing, critical infrastructure protection, private sector involvement in homeland security, preparedness, emergency management, planning, and continuity of operations (business continuity), and has high level strategic partners in other areas that include modeling, geographic information systems (GIS), information technology (IT), physical security and continuity of government. ERDG also advises technology and other companies--startups, in particular--with interest in the homeland security and defense worlds.

Our core values include making advising, planning, and training meaningful and relevant. More importantly, we will help you make it work right the first time. We strive to make sure those we advise are truly better prepared to deal with a complex and evolving world and do more than simply fill a binder. We use performance-based evaluations to ensure that they are able to respond when necessary because it isn't good enough to just carry a certification or have a policy that looks good on paper. People choose to work with ERDG because the potential for loss is so great when dealing with crises that

         ...the only option is to get it right the first time.

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